If you’re interested in learning more about coaching, this journey exercise may give you a taste of what the experience might be like for you. In my coaching, I often pose open-ended questions for reflection that will challenge you to adopt new perspectives or discover possibility. I am an avid learner and also weave books, podcasts, and coursework into coaching.

Start with this exercise, and if you have questions or want to take the journey further, please contact me.


Reflect back 

Many people imagine change for themselves in the future. Start this exercise by thinking back to the person you were ten years ago (or some time in the past). Think of a peak experience. Really remember it. What made it so meaningful?

Now, think of a past situation that still makes you angry. What was wrong, bad, or upsetting about that situation? What really bothered you?


You, today

You have arrived at this journey seeking growth. Ask yourself: What is present when you are at your best? What are three things you are longing for in life? What about those three things are important to you?


Look to the future

Imagine yourself five years from now. Your life has unfolded better than expected. What are some things you are excited to experience every day as this future version of yourself?

If you think about the concept of Life Purpose, what are some things that resonate for you? What comes to mind for you when you think of your life purpose?