I am a leadership coach based in Canmore, Canada – a beautiful spot in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains. I’m currently in the process of gaining professional Co-Active Training Institute (CTI) coaching certification, regarded as the gold standard in leadership coaching. I also serve as a Tech Leader for CTI, supporting in the facilitation of online courses for groups around the world.

Long before coaching, growth and reinvention have been a significant part of my life.

After a spinal cord injury in 1995, I was faced with an opportunity to redefine my life trajectory. This wasn’t the first time I was facing change – as someone that has lived in both Europe and North America, I’ve navigated cultural, language, and industry diversity for many years. 

As a Paralympic athlete, I competed internationally for 14 years, first for the US National Team, then the Canadian Para-Nordic World Cup Team. Through intense training and competition, I developed heightened resilience, adaptability, comfort with ambiguity, and agility to pivot in the moment.

The skills and mindsets of high-performance sport translate to powerful insights for personal and professional leadership.

Through coaching and consulting, I help individuals and teams to identify opportunities for learning and growth, unlock their optimal performance, and build motivation for what drives them. I look forward to working with you.



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